Collection Easy (2)

Experimental fashion and accessories collection Easy 2 interprets the theme of sustainable design and analyses application of contemporary textile technologies in fashion design. This exhibition discusses the fashion as memory capacity and a phenomenon of aesthetics, sustainable organic, nature friendly design.

The garments of this collection are made of PVA polyvinyl alcohol filamentous yarns that dissolve in water, the polyester monofilament Pemotex thread that being exposed to the heat, change the volume and shape, unique health care properties having polymeric succinic fiber yarns, skin care function performing polymeric milk fiber yarn and termochromic paint that changes color depending on the body and ambient temperature.

During the process of creation the collection various innovative materials combinations were used: the latest textile fibers, precious metals and minerals, disposable materials. Due to the specific features of the materials used, the collection garments and accessories perform health care function and when the time comes they can be simply dissolved in the water… The phenomenon is similar to that of mandala which after performance of sacred rites disappears.

Meanwhile, with the help of artistic means, the collection best communicates the temporality, fragility, vulnerability and sensitivity … The cycle of works was inspired by the white school-collar idea, which in women artists’ creative interpretations mutated into a melting abstraction of memories.

Vilnius Academy of Arts, Departments of Textile and Costume Design prof. Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė and prof. Jolanta Vazalinskienė