My Colourful World

The aim of the Project the My Colourful World is to facilitate the integration of the disabled in the society while promoting the mutual assistance and cooperation between the disabled and healthy people. It is the continuation of the series of art projects within the expanded social context, which have been initiated and implemented in Vilnius Art Academy since 2005. The main idea of the Project was to demonstrate the possibilities of the disabled to participate in various activities, hand in hand with healthy people, and to share the ideas, knowledge, skills and valuations. The participants of the workshops within the framework of the Projects were: visitors of the Day Centre “We Are” Aleksandra Stankevič and Rasa Andriuškevičiūtė, an employment specialist of the Centre Laima Kazlauskaitė, a vocational teacher Irena Važnevičiūtė, students of Vilnius Technological Training and Rehabilitation Centre, a vocational teacher-expert Irena Seniūnienė, and a senior vocational teacher Jūratė Laučienė.